Giving your home a bit of a makeover from time to time can be an awful lot of fun, but it’s always worth sitting down to see what trends are going on at the time to see if there are a few ideas you want to pinch for your own home décor.

Right now, it’s all about botanicals – a key trend that certainly shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. The Pantone Color Institute named Greenery as its colour of the year for 2017 and ever since then, all things foliage have been shooting up here, there and everywhere… and you can have a great time with this particular design idea, because it’s just so very versatile. But where to begin? Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Designer floral fabric

This is a brilliant way of injecting a bit of life into your interiors. Fabric comes in all sorts of different materials, patterns and textures so you can tailor your looks to exactly what you want. And if you change up the lampshades in your home or perhaps bring in a few throw cushions here and there, the great news is that these are easy to swap in and out as your tastes change season to season.

Fake foliage

There’s a big trend for people investing in incredibly realistic fake plants these days, no doubt because they’re far easier to look after than real ones. If you’re not confident in your gardening abilities, fake may be the way to go – but don’t forget that real plant life at home comes with a range of health benefits, from cleaning the air to reducing blood pressure!

An indoor living plant wall

Check out this blog post by interior stylist Luke Arthur Wells to see how you can make your very own indoor living plant wall. You might well recognise Luke – he was one of the semi-finalists of The Great British Interior Design Challenge on BBC2 a few years ago.

Be artistic

You don’t have to have huge blooms, vases of flowers and towering palm trees in your house – in fact, botanicals often work best when you go for a more minimalist aesthetic. So instead of going all out, perhaps think outside the box and place a few dried leaves at interesting angles in glass frames, then layer them up against one another when hanging them on the wall.

Grow your own

If you like your home to be both beautiful and practical, bring this idea together by making your very own blooming herb garden. That way, you get the beautiful greens that will really make your home feel alive and you get to enjoy the fact that your indoor garden can be put to excellent use in the kitchen.

If you need any more design ideas or inspiration, get in touch with us here at Paper Moon today.


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