Conce Fiol

Conce Fiol is the Art Director of Maison Coordonné, a wallpaper company based in Barcelona. She was born and spent her childhood in Palma on the beautiful island of Mallorca. She loves to say that she is 'mallorquina' although she spent her student years in Madrid, where she lived with her parents and sisters. Conce began her studies in Architecture, where she learnt to love art and photography and where she first discovered the interior design world. After three years playing with plans and models, she left it behind to start a Fashion Design degree, where she found her place in the artistic world. There she experienced the world of art, fashion, photography and patterns in depth. One year after concluding her studies she met with Coordonné. She now spends her time experimenting with patterns, wallpapers and textiles, working to create atmospheres that Coordonne’s customers will be inspired by to decorate their homes and make them more beautiful. ‘Here I put a part of myself into these patterns and murals that will dress others' walls. So, where does art meet interiors? Here I'm discovering it’ Conce Fiol


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